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Bridge lessons for beginners
Modern Bridge Essentials

Learn some of the most important aspects of the game. If you'd like to advance your bridge bidding and playing skills, Monday mornings at Newtown Bridge Club offer practice in modern bridge essentials.

Come with a friend — or come alone and make new ones! Partners are guaranteed. See how quickly you can polish your bridge game.

The bridge program at Newtown Bridge Club emphasizes fun and learning from playing. The format for a Modern Bridge Essentials workshop is a brief lesson followed by play and discussion of 4 to 6 practice hands. Accredited instructor, Susan Fronapfel, conducts the workshops. Refreshments are provided.

Students receive a comprehensive handout for each workshop. Tuition is $12 per lesson ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). Each workshop stands on its own so players can join workshops whenever their schedules permit.

Modern Bridge Essentials, Mondays 10:00-11:30 am

Topic Dates
Jacoby Transfers. A useful bidding tool after partner opens 1NT. May 13
Opening Leads. Finding the killer defense! May 20
Ruffing. Making the most of your trumps. The cross-ruff. Jun 3
Love Those Long Suits. How to create tricks out of thin air. Jun 10
Negative Doubles. A most useful convention. Jun 24
S U M M E R   B R E A K . . . S U M M E R   B R E A K . . . S U M M E R   B R E A K
Rule of 11. Reading the cards like magic. Jul 22
Getting to Game. What to do with those invitations. Jul 29
Cuebids. An important tool for games and slams. Aug 5
Balancing. Giving the opponents a shove. Aug 12

Questions? Contact Susan at or 203-733-8525.


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