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Bells & Whistles

Bridge kessonsBells & Whistles workshops are geared for players who want to have better bidding conversations with their partners. When you use conventions well and understand how to defend when opponents use them against you, your results will improve.

These 1½-hour workshops use experience from playing hands to emphasize teaching points. The workshops focus on the 16 conventions Larry Cohen recommends. The tools and conventions discussed in the workshops complement both Standard American and 2-over-1 Game Force systems. Bring your partners for maximum results — or come alone and make new friends and meet future partners!

Come to any or all workshops that interest you.

The Bells & Whistles workshops are on Monday and Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:30 am; cost is $12 per workshop ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). ACBL Accredited Teacher, Susan Fronapfel, presents the lessons. Refreshments are provided. Players receive a comprehensive handout at each workshop.

Bells & Whistles - Part 1 SAYC, Thursdays, 10:00-11:30 am

Week Topic Dates
1 Negative Doubles Jan 23
2 Advanced Stayman and Jacoby Transfers Jan 30
3 4th Suit Forcing Feb 6
4 DONT, a defense over opponents’ opening 1NT Feb 20
5 Unusual Notrump & Michaels Cuebid Feb 27
6 Jacoby 2NT Mar 5
7 Reverses & Jump Shifts Mar 12
8 New Minor Checkback Mar 19
9 reserved for a rescheduled session Mar 26

More Bells & Whistles, Mondays, 10:00-11:30 am

Week Topic Dates
1 Slam bidding: Key Card Blackwood "1430" Jan 27
2 Slam bidding: Control-showing Cue Bids Feb 3
3 Cue Bids showing Limit Raises (or better) Feb 17
4 Support Doubles Feb 24
5 lebensohl, part 1: After interference over 1NT Mar 2
6 Drury Mar 9
7 Inverted Minors Mar 16
8 Splinter Bids Mar 23
9 lebensohl, part 2: After reverse / double of weak 2 bid Mar 30
10 reserved for a rescheduled session Apr 6

Questions? Contact Susan at or 203-733-8525.


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