Learn to Play BRIDGE!

Bridge lessons for beginners Whether you are a beginner or returning to bridge after an absence of some years, Wednesday evenings at Newtown Bridge Club are a perfect place to start.

Come with a friend — or come alone and make new ones! See why bridge is the world's most popular card game.

The beginning bridge program at Newtown Bridge Club emphasizes fun and learning from playing. The format for Wednesday evenings is a 20-25 minute lesson followed by play of 6 to 12 bridge hands. Accredited instructor, Susan Fronapfel, hosts the lessons. Players are encouraged to experiment and learn from their results. Refreshments are provided.

Learn to Play Bridge is held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm; tuition is $12 per lesson ($9 for Newtown Bridge Club members). An optional textbook, Easybridge! by Edith McMullin, is available from the instructor for $15.

For registration and questions, contact Susan at director@newtownbridge.org or 203-733-8525.

COVID-19 attendance policy: Everyone must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination. Please bring your original CDC vaccination card with you.

Learn to Play Bridge, Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm

Week Topic Dates
1 Introduction to Bridge. Play some hands! Jun 8
2 Where should you play? Jun 15
3 How high should you bid? Jun 29
4 Overcalls! The defense wakes up. Jul 6
5 Takeout doubles and a Four-letter Word. Jul 13
6 Notrump bids. Playing without a net! Jul 20
7 Getting to game. Bidding again with a good hand. Jul 27
8 Preemptive bids. Those good bad hands. Aug 3
9 The slam hands! Opening 2 clubs. Aug 10
10 Blackwood. Checking for Aces. Aug 17
11 The notrump race. It's starts with the opening lead. Aug 24
12 Win playing notrump. Aug 31


Newtown CT Bridge Club at Edmond Town Hall | 45 Main Street, Newtown CT | email: director@newtownbridge.org